Masters League

Master’s League

Friday 9:30-12:30pm

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This league is made up of seniors 55 and over. Eight end games are played. Players are randomly placed on teams by the Operating Committee twice each year … firstly for the October – December period and secondly for the January – March. Our rates are very reasonable. For those players that want a little stiffer competition, curlers in this league are also eligible to make up teams of choice to play in any of the 8 Masters’ Bonspiels held on the Lower Mainland each year.

*NEW for 2020*
All Masters curlers are now required to register through the Curling I/O System to pay the CurlBC/Curling Canada fees of $20 (GST included), the Richmond Curling Club Facility Fee of $100 (plus $5 GST), and Masters league fees (8 options).  As well all our members must sign an on-line liability waiver and a COVID declaration. The CurlBC/Curling Canada fee is paid once per curler province wide and the Facility Fee is paid once per curler to the Richmond Curling Club.

Masters League Registration

League Directors

  • President: Ron Dojack 604-277-1293
  • Vice President:
  • Past President: Clyde Mitchell 604-818-3570
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Roy Lightfoot 604-274-1072
  • PCMCA Director: John Hardy 778-846-7684
  • Ladies Liason: Shirley Schwabe 604-277-3410
  • Draw Master: Wayne Collinge 604-275-6727
    • Assisted by Dave Hill 604-271-7631
  • Spare Coordinator 2021: Roy Lightfoot 604-274-1072
  • Wednesday Drop-In: Pat Maihara 604-733-1902
  • Bonspiels: Masters/Guys & Gals- Ron Dojack 604-277-1293 & Clyde Mitchell 604-818-3570
  • Playdown Coordinator & Invitational Zone 3 Club Champions: Serge Roy 604-271-1438
  • Raffles: Dave Hill 604-271-7631
  • Good Will: TBA
  • Summer Work Crews:  Ron Dojack 604-277-1293

League Draws



  • Wednesday Drop-In: TBA
  • Friday League: TBA
  • Masters Bonspiel: TBA
  • Club PCMCA Playoffs: TBA
  • Christmas Lunch & Awards: TBA
  • PCMCA Zone Playdowns: TBA
  • Guys & Dolls Bonspiel: TBA
  • PCMCA Combined: TBA
  • Annual General Meeting: TBA
  • Final Luncheon & Awards TBA
  • Invitation Zone 3 Club Winners Championships: TBA
  • Member News

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