Roemer Wins Bonspiel

Our Spring Fling Bonspiel has wrapped up for another year, I would like to thank all of the teams that came out and participated in the bonspiel. I would also like to give all of my volunteers (Kelly Thompson, Rob Dennis, Doug Kilborn, Don Grant, Lauri Kerr, Rebecca Turley, Jamie Curry, Warren Brown, Tom McKay, Craig McLeod, Norm Richard, Debbie Girard, Yadranka Thompson, and Dave Ellis) a BIG THANK YOU for all of your hard work to help make the bonspiel another success.

After the weekend was all said and done the Al Roemer team took the title again for the third year in a row. Al Roemer, Lynda Roemer, Jim Graham, and Karen MacDonald held onto their title by defeating Jay Wakefield, Rebecca Turley, Jeff Cawker, and Lauri Kerr in the final on sunday afternoon. Chris Chute took the B event by making a run back double against Vic Shimizu. The C event went to an extra end and our draw master Tom McKay’s team took the title home after defeating the Daniels team. The D Event also went to an extra end, and the team that made the best tap won as Adina Tasaka’s team defeated Jan Bos’s team. Congratulations to our event winners!


  • Bonspiel Winners: Al Roemer, Lynda Roemer, Jim Graham, Karen MacDonald
  • Bonspiel Runner-Up: Jay Wakefield, Rebecca Turley, Jeff Cawker, Lauri Kerr
  • A Semi-finalist: Terry Johnson, Sharon Cowie, Ian Baart, Cecelia Tung
  • A Semi-Finalst: Rob Dennis, Kim Thompson, Doug Kilborn, Kelly Thompson/Ally Bergen/ Becky Campbell


  • B Event Winner: Chris Cute, Carole Murray, Roy Balluff, Leslie Conde-Mathot
  • B Runner Up: Vic Shimizu, Laurie Shimizu, Dwayne Uyede, Lena Oliveria
  • B Semi-Finalist: Richard Omori, Kaz Hasebe, Hiro Hasebe, Vivian Omori
  • B Semi-Finalist: Cody Tanaka, Patty MacKintosh, Donny MacKintosh, Chantal Kosmynka
  • C Event Winnter: Tom McKay, Rhonda Gauthier, Ken Mielke, Lisa Baker
  • C Runner-Up: Sarah Daniels, Ernie Daniels, Megan Daniels, Justin Connie
  • C Semi-Finalist: Kelly Shimizu, Dave Ellis, Shannon Ward, Matt Panoussi
  • C Semi-Finalist: Dave Kobayashi, Mike Endo, Ian Cockfield, Bev Kobayashi


  • D Event Winner: Adina Tasaka, Mark Yodogawa, Ewa Bailey, Randy Tasaka
  • D Runner-Up: Jan Bos, Carman Chung, Chris Summers, Dawn Chinn
  • D Semi-Finalist: Doug Swift, Mallory Geier, Corry Sandhu, Kathy Swift
  • D Semi-Finalist: Makoto Suyama, Naoto Saeki, Takeshi Kitamura, Mako Endo, Kaoru Yamaki, Kyoko Kitamura

Congratulations to everyone!

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