Friday Mixed

9pm-11pm * Some 8pm start times for the 2018-2019 season

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Friday night is everyone’s night to get out and have some fun. This is a great league for singles or couples who want to stay active and socialize with others. This league is a great opportunity to meet new people, or to bond with the one’s you know and love. Everyone has a great time, whether you’re curling on the ice or having a drink in the lounge afterwards. This league is known to host a number of fun nights after curling including: 50/50 draws, prize draws, potlucks and more.

  • This is an open mixed league, teams consist of any combination of men and women.
  • All of the teams will play a round robin format to earn points throughout the season.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the season is the aggregate banner winner.
  • The points also determine who plays for the club playoffs, and who plays for the 4/40.

League Rep: Dan Ring 604-274-4028


Round Robin Draw: Friday Mixed Draw and STANDINGS (to Jan. 31)

Championship Draw: Fri Mix Championship 2018

4-40 Booze Draw: Fri Mix 4-40 Booze 2018

Click for: League Rules 17-18

Click for: League Points System


  • Derrick Horne & Jessica Galo 604-822-2203
  • Ruby Maeno 604-273-6667
  • Mary Gurney 604-274-4173 (H) 604-506-4116 (C)
  • Paul Hazell 604-802-2004
  • Mark Ku 604-277-9902
  • Michelle Chang 604-318-8768 email: *eligible for playoffs
  • Jun Terado 604-831-5006 email:
  • Garry Sum 604-808-7338 email: *eligible for playoffs
  • Yvonne Chick 604-767-7439 *eligible for playoffs
  • Evan Kiefl 250-580-2538 email:
  • Linda Casey 604-653-9727 email:

League Fees

Kelly Shimizu or Theresa MacDonald

* Dues are to be paid by October 31st, to make alternate arrangements please see the office.

Membership Fees

There are 2 different types of membership fees.

1.Associate Membership Fee (you become a member at the club for that season): $52.50 including tax
2.Full Membership Fee (To become a life member at the club + member benefits)

  • Individual Membership  $300 + tax- payable in equal amounts over 5 years.
  • Family Membership $500+ tax- payable in equal amounts over 5 years.

If you are interested in registering a team for this league or registering as an individual please fill out the form or you can contact Kim Dennis

Past Winners:

2016-2017 League Winners: Ralph Einerson, Rachel Barstow, David Lange, Bev Oldham

2016-2017 Playoff Winners: Dan Ring, Craig Mitchell, Ann Mitchell, Jean Vossen

2015-2016 League winners: John Babiuk, Faye Babiuk, Dick Stapleton, Bev Barnes
2015-2016 Playoff Winners: Ralph Einarson, Rachel Barstow, David Lange, Bev Oldham

2014-2015 League Winners: Makoto Suyama, Kaoru Yamaki, Mako Endo, Takeshi Kitamur, Kyoko Kitamura
2014-2015 Playoff Winners: Kelly McQuiggan, Michelle Chang, Bruce Quail, Virginia Lam

2013-2014 League Winners:  Hamish Morrison, Donna Morrison, John Hardy, Dawn Chinn
2013-2014 Playoff Winners: Hamish Morrison, Donna Morrison, John Hardy, Dawn Chinn

2012-2013 League Winners: Hamish Morrison, Donna Morrison, John Hardy, Dawn Chinn
2012-2013 Playoff Winners: Bob Webb, Barb Wolfe, David Wolfe, Orma Webb

2011-2012 Playoff Winners: Andrew Forsyth, Erin Obsniuk, Ian Forsyth, Rachel Barstow
2010-2011 Winners: John Yule, Shirley Snelgrove, Michael Zaine, and Heather Campbell

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