Ice Rentals

During the COVID pandemic, ice rentals will only be available on a limited basis and restricted to current health and safety guidelines. Please contact the office for further information.


  • Curling ice is available from mid-September until end of March each year.
  • During the summer months May-August, our arena floor is available for event rentals. 
  •  *Closed from Christmas to New Year’s Eve for maintenance.

Ice Rental Fees (Prices are subject to change).

  • All Ice rentals are for 2 hour time blocks
  • Instructor is Mandatory (exceptions made for members and experienced curlers – contact the office for further information)
  • Pricing includes 5% GST. Please book a minimum 10 days in advance to ensure instructor availability.
  •  What To Wear
  •  Safety Tips 

1-4 sheets = $200 per sheet of ice 

  • 1 sheet $200
  • 2 Sheets $400
  • 3 Sheets $600
  • 4 Sheets $800

5-6 sheets booked @ 15% discount = $170 per sheet of ice

  • 5 sheets $850
  • 6 sheets $1020

7-8 Sheets booked @ 25% discount = $150 per sheet of ice

  • 7 sheets $1050
  • 8 sheets $1200

Richmond Curling Centre FULL Members receive a 30% discount on all ice rental bookings = $140 per sheet of ice

Equipment Rental Fee $2 per person

  • includes broom & slider
  • participants are expected to bring the proper footwear and clothing
  • masks are mandatory

Instruction Fees

  • Instruction $50 per 2-hour time slot
    All rental groups are required to have instruction for safety reasons.
  • The number of required instructors will vary depending on the type of rental group. 
  • includes: safety tips, basic game skills, and game play assistance for the entire session.


There are two ways to book an ice rental or event rental (ice, lounge, catering) at the Richmond Curling Centre:

  1. Fill out our Ice Rental Form with all of the details that we require to book your rental.

2. Or book in person by phone 604-278-1722 or email our office:

  • Please book a minimum 10 days in advance to ensure instructor availability. 
  • We look forward to hosting your next event.

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