Social Shopper

Thank you for purchasing one of our Social Shopper Drop-In Curling Passes.

What to Do Next:

  • Each person will be required to sign-in at the office and you will be assigned to a sheet of ice for your drop-in session.
  • Please have your voucher ready to be redeemed when you come in to curl.

1 Time Pass Holders: Present your voucher to go out onto the ice.

5 Time/10 Time/ Yearly Pass Holders:

  • Present your voucher to receive your drop-in pass card.
  • To activate your card we will ask you to register with the following information: Name, Email, and Emergency Contact.
  • Each time you come in to curl we will date and sign one of your “punches” on the card.
  • If you misplace your card at any time we will be able to replace it.

To Purchase one of our current deals copy & paste the following link:



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